Chlorination - The Best Way to Experience Latex

Does this sound familiar to you, you are getting ready for a thrilling night out, have selected your favorite latex clothing from Chez Noir, but are trying to figure out how to get your latex clothing on? Maybe you are thinking you need to dust talcum powder all over the inside of your latex garment, then getting a damp cloth to wipe off the excess. All the while coughing from the amount of talc dust now floating in the air. Or even worse you are out of talc and decide to slather yourself up with lube and slathering the inside of your latex clothing with lube, unfortunately if your not fast enough the lube is absorbed into your skin and the latex is back to being sticky. Guess you have to try again. What if there was a better option?

What is Chlorination?

It is a process for treating latex clothing with chlorine to change the chemistry of the surface layer of the latex clothing that touches skin. Try to think of latex at the molecular level as consisting of long, kinky, coiled strands. When you pull on the latex to stretch it, these long molecules unkink and stretch out longer. When the stretch is released they spring back to their original coiled up state. These long tangled molecules end at the surface of the latex, and where these ends are exposed to the surface they are extremely sticky. They want to attach themselves to whatever comes near. That is why latex clothing sticks to your skin if you don’t put a layer of powder or lubricant between yourself and the latex.

By using chlorination you attach a little ‘cap’ – a chlorine molecule, to the end of each strand of latex molecule exposed at the surface. This chlorine molecule stays attached to the end of the latex string and makes it so it doesn’t want to stick to things anymore.

Benefits of Chlorination

This makes all latex items, even those hard to put on items like gloves, easy to slip into and you don’t need to fiddle around with talcum powder or other messy lubricants which could damage or discolor your latex clothing. It reduces stickiness of the latex and you don’t need as many accessories just to enjoy the simple pleasure of the feeling of latex against your skin. Here are other benefits to consider:

  • Spend more time looking fabulous and less time fiddling with dressing aids! Your latex won’t stick to you when you put it on. You can slide it right on with no powder or lubricant. Fast and easy. No mess.

  • Your latex won’t stick to other latex. No more sticking between your thighs when you walk in latex tights!

  • Wear street clothing over your latex with ease.

  • Layer your latex clothing easily.

  • Your latex won’t stick to your play partner. Your significant other will experience the most amazing, silky-smooth caresses from your latex gloves. Foot massages feel amazing through latex stockings


How Do I Get It?

If you are ready to try the benefits of chlorination for yourself, Chez Noir offers the option to chlorinate almost any product we offer. Simply select the option on the item you wish and soon enough you will be enjoying the simple pleasures of latex again.

Chez Noir - For the Love of Latex.

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