Shopping for Sex Toys - How to Choose the Right One For You

May 16, 2014

With the wide world of pleasure that the internet offers, sometimes its hard to figure out which places, sites, and toys are the best pleasurable devices we can find. But for many they never think about whether or not these sensual toys are safe for us to use. Below you will find some tips for shopping for sex toys.

Sex Toys are Unregulated?

Here is a scary thought. The sex toy industry is not regulated. By anyone. Most sex toys are classified as ‘novelty use’ and not held to the standards of quality and safety of any agency. This is scary as this allows manufacturers to simply make these sex toys out of whatever materials they wish, as long as it saves them the most money. Many of these toxic toys contain PVC plastics containing ‘phthalates’ to soften the toys. Unfortunately pthalates has been linked with many harmful effects and possibly could be cancer causing. It has even been banned in the use of many children’s toys and nearly anything involving food usage. With these sensitive products containing more than 1% phalates being enough to be banned, some toxic sex toys have been tested to contain up to 53%. Who wouldn’t feel comfortable using these types of toxic toys on their most sensitive of body parts? There have even been reports that some who are more sensitive to phthalates have found these toys to cause a burning or irritating sensation during and after usage.

How to Identify Toxic Sex Toys

Now that we know about these toxic sex toys how do we identify them?

  • Toxic Sex Toys have a strong chemical smell, and even with repeated washing it never goes away completely.
  • Most See Through Sex Toys - Though they are not all unsafe, most are typically flexible and soft, and as such are probably toxic. The hard and plastic ones are probably safe though. Low Priced Sex Toys - The lower the price the more likely it is to be toxic as making sex toys with PVC and phtalates is done to lower the cost for the manufacturer.
  • Be careful of the colorful crystal jelly dildos. Also be aware that even the safe toys should still be carefully considered as many may also be porous and can not be sterilized.This alone should make you rethink your purchase.

The Good and Safe Toys

These materials and sex toys are safe to be used

  • 100% Pure Silicone - Look for the best quality silicone as silicone is always safe and able to be sterilized but make sure its purely silicone otherwise who knows what they have added to it. 100% silicone is always opaque and never see through.
  • Pure Glass - Glass toys are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Though they are hard, and make sure the texture of glass is a personal preference.
  • Latex - Pure, high grade latex toys are perfect for personal pleasurable usage and highly safe. Durable and sterile these are always great choices as long as its coming from a reputable seller such as Chez Noir's sex toys.
Here at Chez Noir we only use the safest and most pleasurable sex toys for our customers. So please shop with peace of mind that our toys are safe for you and your playmates to use.