2019’s Biggest Sex Toy Trend is Moving Away from Those that Look Like Penises

May 14, 2019

2019’s Biggest Sex Toy Trend is Moving Away from Those that Look Like Penises


If women truly wanted to please themselves with a dick in their vaginas, plainly put, it’s not hard to seek one out. For years, the sex toy industry has focused on providing women with sex toys that look like penises. The industry’s been dominated by companies led by men, meaning sex toys created by men and toy designs which men perceive to be most desirable for women. After all, what’s more desirable in a sex toy than a guy’s penis – apparently, if you ask a male-led sex toy company, little else.


In 2019, things are changing. Sex toy start-ups are rising up with females at the head and empowered women are demanding toys that aren’t penis-shaped. Perhaps the year’s biggest trend are vibrators that are small and minimal, akin to an egg or a flying saucer. As powerful as phallic shapes may be perceived to be, to some women, they’re offensive and intimidating. Replicating male genitals is somewhat of an arrogant suggestion to women that the only way they can please their sexual appetite is with something shaped accordingly. The thing is that vibrators are not meant to replicate or substitute genitalia – it’s supposed to be complementary and personal.


Surveys issued to women in the sex toy industry have increasingly come up with a similar finding – straight, lesbian, gay, or whatever the case, women don’t want a penis for a sex toy. Across the industry, realistic-looking dildos have dropped off in sales while clitoral vibrators have seen a massive increase in popularity and appeal. Sex toys are being re-imagined not for a man’s pleasure but for a female’s. As female sexuality is being discussed publicly more and more, acknowledged to be just as complex and to have just as much desire as any man’s, women are finally having a say in the types of sex toys they want for themselves. Add to that women in the sex toy industry and 2019’s becoming a ground-breaking year for sex toys overall.


Sex toys are nothing to feel ashamed of. Female pleasure’s a natural part of being a woman unafraid of her sexual desires. Studies show fewer than 20 percent of woman can achieve orgasm with penetration alone, while more than 70 percent of women enjoy more affecting orgasms with clitoral stimulation. Sex toys for women are focusing more on clitoral stimulation rather than trying to objectify male genitalia to be used for penetration. They don’t inherently resemble sex toys, they’re more individual and approachable, less intimidating, and more female. Sex toys for women are also being produced in more health or beauty brand-like colors like pink, teal, and blue hues.


Non-phallic sex toys are in high demand not only by women but also in transgender and LGBT circles. Sex toys are not gendered – they don’t need to be! As sex toys move away from resembling penises, thankfully, that’s meant a more inclusive sex toy experience which isn’t necessarily about an experience with a penis. Pleasure doesn’t have to be a penis, doesn’t have to be stiletto heels and a sexually aggressive outfit, and doesn’t have to be anything you don’t want it to be. Sex toys that are genderless and independent of any penis aesthetic invite a user to project themselves into how they use it which is exactly how it should be.