7 sex myths men and women need to forget and let go of in 2019

February 01, 2019

7 sex myths men and women need to forget and let go of in 2019


As a sex toy company, we’ve run into our fair share of sex myths. As we set out on another year, here are 7 sex myths we want to see society let go off and toss out.


Guys have higher sex drives than women


There’s still this belief among some men that women are not inherently sexual beings or that sexuality does not exist separate from men. Do some guys have high sex drives – absolutely. Some women have high sex drives as well. Numerous scientific studies support that sexual desire can arise similarly in all genders.


Lube is only for older women


Lubricant is an absolute necessity for so many women and there’s nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, using lubricant can take sex from feeling ok to simply amazing! Lube makes sex smoother and increases a woman’s pleasure. What may surprise some men is that as many as eighty percent of millennial women use lube on the regular for sex.


A guy’s shoe size hints at his penis


There is no correlation between shoe size and the size of a man’s penis. Although some women may disagree, a study of more than 100 men found no association whatsoever between penis and foot sizes. We’re sorry to say but you’ll have to sleuth a little better if you want to get a sense of your guy’s equipment pre-sex.


Two condoms is better than one


You may not have heard about this one but some men think wearing two condoms somehow increases safe sex. Sadly, the reality is the exact opposite. Two condoms are likely to rub against each other and cause tears. Studies have also shown they increase the risk of getting STIs or getting pregnant.


Female squirting is not real


According to a 2013 study, up to 54 percent of women experience an ejaculation or squirting when they climax. It’s important to distinguish between both ejaculating and squirting. Female ejaculation involves a whitish secretion whereas squirting is a larger release of liquid.


Anal sex is risk-free


Younger couples may gravitate towards having anal sex because they know you won’t get pregnant. Even so, you can still get an STI, HIV, herpes and other sexual diseases from anal sex. HPV can also be transmitted via anal sex. So all in all, if you’re going to go the anal sex route, be sure to use condoms!


Sex toys are only for kinky couples


False! Sex toys can be an exciting way to add variety and creativity between the sheets. Any couple settled into a routine looking to mix things up as a twosome, there’s no better way to do so than with sex toys. If a man doesn’t mind getting a little adventurous with his own body, there’s plenty of individual options for him. For women, a great place to start is with vibrators buzzing the clitoris or the G-spot which makes climaxing all that easier.


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