8 Sex Myths Guys need to Unlearn if they want to be Comfortable having Amazing Sex

May 07, 2019

Sex Myths Guys need to Unlearn


To the guys out there, absolutely stunning toe-curling amazing sex is ready for you and all you need to do is let go. Leave your baggage behind, relax, and be open to exploring your sexual side. Be it through education, culture, religious levels, comfort levels around sex, or otherwise, the ideas we form around sex can be complicated. For most of us, we’ve had to unlearn beliefs and myths which just aren’t accurate. Here are eight sex myths we’d like to see more men unlearn. Believe us when we say, the rewards are so worth it!


Penetration will result in orgasm.


Penetrative sex is sometimes, at best, just a turn-on for some women. With the way their bodies are, they need more to orgasm. The clitoris is so important to the female orgasm. That’s where you want to focus on. Give it the attention it rightfully deserves instead of focusing so much on the thrust.


Only gay men are into anal pleasure.


A heterosexual male does not need to penetrate something to have a graduated sexual experience. Anal penetration, butt play, using anal toys, or embracing touching the prostate can prove to be very rewarding. It’s not something to shake your head at or ignore.


Sex toys will replace men in bed.


Women have been using sex toys for years. Even with the anti-penetration movement in sex toy companies, sex toys are not a judgment on any man’s abilities or a statement on a man’s sex game. Using sex toys in masturbation and/or during sex can be a great experience for all. Don’t let it intimidate you.


A large penis is way better than an average penis.


Don’t let the size of your penis negatively impact your self-confidence and self-esteem. Even though porn can carry in it these massive schlongs, an average size penis doesn’t mean you’re sexually broken or inadequate in any way. Over 70 percent of men have a penis between 4.7 inches and 6.3 inches in length. Due to the nerve endings located closer to the opening of a vagina, women also generally prefer shallow penetration much more to going deep.


You must lose your virginity by ‘x’ age.


Male sexual prowess is tied to traditional ideas that male virginity is shameful. Don’t observe the pressure to lose your virginity before you’re ready. Sex isn’t something to brag about and those who do aren’t saying much about their experience or prowess. Don’t lose it until you’re ready.


Foreplay is not important.


If sex is singularly vaginal penetration, you’re going to face a lot of difficulty in satisfying your partner. Stimulating the clitoris and foreplay is akin to getting your penis hard. In the same way you can’t have sex with a soft penis, a woman isn’t going to be cum-ready without foreplay involved. Arouse the body first and avoid premature penetration to have a positive experience.


The pull-out method is birth control 101.


Pulling out doesn’t rule out pre-cum which is a small amount of semen which comes out before an orgasm. In the last thousands of years, thousands of couples – if not, millions – have walked away pregnant using the pull-out method. Also, pulling out doesn’t prevent sexually-transmitted diseases. Be smart and use a condom.


Good sex has to last a long time.


How long you last in bed is a fixation for men though keep in mind the average penetrative sex lasts only between two and seven minutes. Marathon sex sessions aren’t fun for all. Just because you saw a porn session lasting an hour doesn’t mean you need to do the same nor does this imply it’s pleasurable for your partner.


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