Are Gender-Neutral Sex Toys the Next Big Trend in the Industry or Are They Lacking Intimacy!

August 05, 2019

Are Gender-Neutral Sex Toys the Next Big Trend in the Industry or Are They Lacking Intimacy!


As consumers and human beings, the gender identity and sexual identities we take on come to define us in many ways. Especially as it relates to how we arouse ourselves, gender and sex perspectives matter.


Gender-neutral sex toys are a new trend in the sex toy industry, delivering toys, gizmos, and gadgets which don’t necessarily look like an intimate object of any kind. These are genderless objects designed to suit a variety of bodies. For non-binary persons, these sort of sex toys holds much comfort as they don’t necessarily dictate one needs something specific to have an orgasm.


For years, this was the case. Almost every sex toy was a penis-shaped object or something in reference to requiring a man to achieve orgasm. Looking at any sex shop’s store shelves these days, you’ll find gender-neutral sex toys abound like abstract shapes and objects with no relationship to sex. Assuming you haven’t found something that represents your sexual tastes, gender-neutral sex toys can provide a way to achieve orgasm no matter what the desire is.


When you own a sex toy like this, it gives you the chance to write your own sexual story. There are amazing non-gendered sex toys out there to hump and grind with, stroke, tuck, rub, and more. Intimidating penis-shaped vibrators are still out there and don’t get us wrong, they’re glorious! Some people don’t need another dick in their lives though. The ongoing sex toy design renaissance is moving away from anyone or mimicry of a penis, and more towards minimalism like a flying saucer, avocado, or egg shape.


If you appreciate and prefer penis-shaped sex toys, and don’t understand why the industry’s moving toward gender-neutral sex toys, you’re not alone. Some have debated the intimacy of such objects, arguing that abstract shapes “aren’t sexy”. Sure, that’s one thought. Then again, your sexual appetite and preferences are your own. Not everyone fits the same mould – that’s what’s taken the sex toy industry so long to learn. Just imagine what it must be like to be a transgender man or woman decades ago and visiting a sex shop to find nothing on the shelves for you. That doesn’t happen anymore, thanks to companies interested in producing abstract sex toy designs that don’t subscribe to a pre-defined gender or sexual narrative.


So at the end of the day, are abstract shapes lacking intimacy – no, what one may notice is missing is a narrative and that’s a good thing. Perhaps the most successful sex toy in Canada today is an egg-shaped vibrator. Sex toys aren’t a substitute for genitalia. It isn’t about a person missing their partner and not having the immediate availability of sex, they choose a toy. Contemporary sex toys are complementary to sex. They’re built in this way to give a woman or man the opportunity to explore themselves without being subject to someone else’s phallic design. This is what non-gendered or gender-less truly means and it continues to work for consumers across the board.


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