DIY Latex - Making latex clothing



Love wearing latex clothing? Do you have some free time on your hands and are looking for a fun project? How about making some of your own latex clothing!

How convenient that Chez Noir is now selling sheet latex. Check out our sale this coming month! You can buy just a meter to start to play around or as many meters as your project requires. With our sale it is the perfect time to start.

Let’s start by getting together the things that you need to make your own latex clothing and we will continue from there another day.

    1. Sheet Latex:

      This comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses and should be used depended on what you will be making.
    2. Tape Measure:

      One of the best parts about making your own latex clothing is getting that perfect fit. This cannot be achieved without a tape measure. Be sure to double-check both your measurements and your markings so as not to make a mistake.
    3. Gel Pens: 

      These you will use to mark the latex ready for cutting. This is key in order to get the perfect fit that you so desire. Metallic colours are the best for overall visibility on all colours of latex.
    4. Cloth:

      A soft, non-abrasive cloth for cleaning the latex.
    5. Self-Healing Cutting Board:

      This is what you cut the latex on to avoid putting a hole in your antique wood table. Allowing you to press down firmly while cutting. It is important to have a board big enough for the project that you will be doing. Olfa is the brand we use.
    6. Rotary Cutter:

      This is what you cut the latex with. Unlike scissors, a rotary blade will leave you with a smooth clean cut that (with lots of time and practice) will become easy to use and fast. Olfa is the brand we use for this too.
    7. Paint Brush:

      This is what you will use to apply the glue to the latex. A 1/2'” brush usually works well.
    8. Cotton Buds:

      Used for applying the thinners to the latex.
    9. Rubber Cement:

      This is a very strong adhesive and one which works well for latex. Best-Test, Acid free is the brand we use.
    10. Rubber Cement Thinner:

      Thinners clean or open up the latex, preparing it for the glue. Bestine Solvent & Thinner is the brand we use.
    11. Wallpaper Roller: Found at any hardware store this roller is used to press and firmly seal the two newly glued pieces of latex together.

    12. Talcum Powder:

      This will be used at the final stage to coat all the finished seams.
    13. Time, Practice & Patience :)


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