How Sex Toy Companies are Confronting Society’s Taboos and why that’s a good thing!

February 17, 2019

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Up until a decade ago, the sex toy industry has been one dominated by male-led companies making million. In the last few years, that’s begun to change in a big way. Women-led companies are making more sex toys than ever and that female influence has begun to trickle down in all sorts of positive ways throughout the industry.


We know what a sex toy industry without female influence looks like. Sex toys are created and produced, seen through the male gaze. The marketing of these sex toys has been sexist, objectifying, and excluding to alternative perspectives. These sex toys have all been what men want women to have, to feel, and to experience.


Thankfully – so thankfully! – today we are living in a different age. There’s a large part of the sex toy industry which has given rise to a sort of feminist movement. Even in media, ranging from Netflix’s Frankie and Grace to Comedy Central’s Broad City, the message is communicated that not only is it ok for women to have sex toys but it’s also a natural part of getting to know one’s sexual self. Sex toy companies are challenging long-held, gender stigmas, using sexuality to express love, acceptance, and so much more. To companies like Chez Noir, nothing’s taboo anymore!


Going all the way back to the beginning, looking at the way 1970s-era sex toys used to be produced, the vast majority of female sex toys were phallic in shape and the emphasis was generally on size. Ask any woman and that makes almost no sense – especially with so much support for clitoral stimulation. Even so, in the 1970s, more or less every sex toy company was owned by a man and to them, penises are what they assumed women wanted. Instead of stimulation, sex toys focused on penetration.


In that same time period, interest in vibrators began to be a thing among some groups of women. Then, Dell Williams came along who was the first woman to own and operate a sex toy company. Others followed. In this time period, the most successful sex toys for women were vibrators in a variety of shapes and colors. Even with these clusters of female-led sex toy development, through the 1980s with the rise of home sale sex toy parties and in the 1990s when silicone was widely adopted in the sex industry, everything was still very male-dominated.


Jump to today, roughly 70 percent of sex toy companies are still run by men. The number of female-led companies though is growing and the industry is slowly becoming more inclusive. Crystal dildos, necklace vibrators, and all sorts of innovative products have come from this.


The next generation of sex products is being made considering a wide variety of sexual experiences. Sex toy usage among some women have become defiant feminist statements and that’s a beautiful thing to see. As women continue to fight for the right to their own bodies politically and socially, sex toys are one area that’s come a long way.


We’re so glad to be a part of a new evolution in sex toys. Innovative sex toys for women, at Chez Noir, pursue your inner sexual desire and fulfill your own sexual empowerment. You can always trust Chez Noir for a high-quality product, a sex-positive focus, and to be a reliable source for everything you need to feel pleasured and desired.