Incorporating High Tech into Sex Toys and why Consumers are Split on whether this is a Good Thing

June 16, 2019

Is virtual reality a new sex toy

 Technology’s a funny thing. For all its accomplishing and all the different categories of products and/or services, it’s affecting, sex toys usually don’t come up. That said, sex and technology are growing increasingly integrated and some would say scarily so.


Let’s make no mistake, tech in sex is fun – or at least, it can be. Orgasms can be downright explosive, sex toys are taken to a whole new level, and partner play can be turned ever so fun. There are many sex toys that are USB chargeable and/or which connect to a smartphone acting as a remote control. Controlling speed, rhythm, and intensity has never been so easier. Using technology, there are now toys tailor-made for everywhere from alone in the shower to in bed with a partner.


Keeping all this in mind, there’s still a segment of the audience that is believing we are arriving at the point where it’s too much. After all, there’s going to come to a point where sex robots are available at affordable consumer-friendly prices, alongside iPhones, tablets, and electric cars. They’re coming – and scarily so.


There’s also the concern about data sharing. If a vibrator can connect to an app, who is to say that the same app isn’t recording data in some way and reporting it back – it’s happened. Sex toy maker We-Vibe was found to track users’ sexual habits through their vibrators and then, there’s Lovesense Remote which is a vibrator app which was found to record audio against the permission of the user. These are two of the most well-known cases of companies getting caught. Surely, there are those out there who haven’t been caught.


Furthermore, this isn’t even taking into account hacking. If someone were to hack one of these apps or future sex toy technologies, who’s to say they could not record someone without the user knowing about it and then, use it to blackmail them – that’s the point we’re reaching. Like other categories of tech development though, it’s hard to know where to draw the line.

 This isn’t to discourage anyone from using tech-driven sex toys. They are some absolutely thrilling ones out there, believe us. Vibrators have been taken to a whole new level, optimized for the female sexual experience in all the right ways. We want users to have the fun of being able to pleasure themselves and we want couples to be able to experiment. For all the good out there though, we just question on how long it’ll be before we find out another sex toy maker out there is doing something naughty – not the good kind – with privacy and user information.


No matter where your comfort level’s at with sex toys, there is something out there for everyone. Tech or no tech, you can browse Chez Noir’s catalogue as an example and you’ll find latex clothing, fetish accessories, and rubber sex toys which can be used for some real toe-curling experiences. Although we’re fans of tech, we don’t necessarily always want it up close and against our fun bits, if that makes any sense.


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