Massive Price Reductions on all Latex Clothing and Sex Toys

Get excited! The time has finally come to purchase all those latex clothing items and sex toys that you have had your eye on but couldn't quite justify buying because of the price. We have just implemented a massive, store wide price reduction. And these prices are here to stay. A new year often means new prices, but for the most part those prices are increasing rather than decreasing. Here at Chez Noir, we have decided to do it the other way around, dropping our prices drastically on 95% of all our items.

Discounts ranging from just $5 all the way up to $70. That's right, your most wanted latex dress could now be $70 cheaper! That dildo that you have been eyeing could be $20 less expensive.

It's time to stock up and ring in the new year with some new latex clothing and sex toys. Bring the excitement back into your life for potentially just half the price. Also, don't forget to check out our latex chlorination service! Slip into your new gear easily when you chlorinate your latex items at Chez Noir!

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