Millennial Women are Having Twice as much Sex as Older Generations Did, says Study

May 27, 2019

Millennial Women are Having Twice as much Sex as Older Generations Did


Yes, millennial women are having twice as much sex as older generations did however here’s some bad news – they’re also having half as many orgasms.


A recent survey conducted by Lovehoney confirmed this, finding that 39 percent of women between 18-25 are having sex more than twice a week. Only 1 in 3 women however are having consistent orgasms with their partner, compared to 65 percent of women over the age of 45. Examining how sexual behaviours and satisfaction differ by age range, it appears older woman are more satisfied than younger women. A younger woman can take that to mean they have something to look forward to as they age, or it can be taken to mean as there’s a lot of unintentionally bad sex happening out there.


Comparatively, more than 14 percent of people above the age of 46 rated 10/10 sexual satisfaction. For people under 25 years of age, only 11 percent rate their sex 10/10. So all in all, that’s not a bad thing because it shows some people at every age are having mind-blowing sex. Of course, it’d be nice if that number were higher but regardless, it shows some insight into the sexual experiences being shared.


The same survey asked what people enjoyed most about their sexual encounters and in response, 77 percent of women under 25 reported ‘fun’ while the vast majority of women over 45 valued emotional connection the most. That’s somewhat the sort of thing to be expected. After all, the twenties are really a decade of exploration for a lot of people. They’re going from being teenagers to students to adults and there’s a lot of transitions which have to happen. From a sexual perspective, not a lot of people know what they like yet and so naturally, that leads to a lot of confusing sex and connections which don’t always jive.


A large motivation behind why millennial women are having more sex than their older generational counterparts apparently has to do with self-confidence with nearly half of respondents citing enjoying sex for the self-confidence boost it gives after.


There are no real big surprises from this data although some may be surprised at the lack of orgasms young woman are experiencing. Regarding men’s responses to the same question, 95 percent of heterosexual men said they usually or always orgasm when sexually intimate, 89 percent of gay men said the same, and 88 percent of bisexual men said the same. All in all, no matter where one sits on the spectrum of sexual satisfaction, there are plenty of ways to arrive at the point where one’s fully satisfied with their sexual experiences.


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