Read some of the Worst Sex Advice We’ve Ever Heard!

April 12, 2019

Best Sex Toys on a Handle (for Kinksters)


Bad sex advice is a sort of rite of passage – we all receive it and we’ve probably all given it unknowingly at one time or another. At best, bad sex advice is completely inaccurate and at worst, it can be quite dangerous. Hopefully, a lot of the ridiculous myths and beliefs that are perpetuated in the conversation around sex disappear one day. In the meantime, here’s some of the absolute worst and most confusing sex advice we’ve ever heard our customers receive.


“Bend his penis.”


Wait, what!


“Men are sexual beasts and can’t help themselves.”


If someone’s telling you men are beasts that you need to avoid, there are two things wrong with that – it’s going to breed a culture of fear in you which you shouldn’t need to live with and it removes the responsibility from men to be accountable for things like rape or sexual assault.


“Just go for it!”


If someone wants to have sex with you but you’re unsure of how you feel about it, you shouldn’t be jumping into bed with them. You don’t want to give them false hope or express false interest if you’re unsure about whether you’re attracted to them or not.


“It’s up to a woman to fix a bad sex life.”


If sex isn’t going so well, it’s shared responsibility. Women don’t need to learn a new trick, give more blowjobs, or ‘act sexier’ – unless if that’s something you’re comfortable with. Sex problems are up to the couple to solve, not any one individual.


“A hymen breaking is only a husband’s reward.”


Saving yourself for marriage is something some still do, sure, however, the fear around breaking one’s hymen is out of control in some cultures. Pre-marriage sex doesn’t make you a ‘bad wife’, promiscuous, or anything like it, and a hymen breaking as a reward for a husband is ridiculous as a concept.


“Boys will be boys.”


Any advice absolving men from being accountable for their behaviour is bullshit. It’s not ‘boys will be boys’ when someone is raped, assaulted, or harassed. Like women, men have self-control. Believing they don’t discount them and provides an avenue you don’t want to go down.


“Use Crisco or Vaseline for lube.”


If you’re allergic to lube or if you don’t have any lube and you need to use something else, Vaseline or Crisco will degrade the latex in condoms rendering it completely ineffective. It’s an inexperienced move too many people make, unfortunately.


“Cunnilingus with a mint!”


Among the various sex tricks, tips, and strategies young people are commonly recommended, some men have been faced with being told to go down on their female counterpart with a mint in their mouth. As it turns out, don’t do it. It doesn’t make pleasure – it makes pain, which is likely going to last for a few days.


“Women cannot get sexually transmitted diseases from other women.”


There’s a lot of these myths which exist suggesting that women having sex with women somehow limits the spread of bacteria, germs, and sexually transmitted diseases. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sexual contact is sexual contact, no matter the gender.


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