Setting Aside Time to Have Sex can Make for Better Long-Term Relationships

March 08, 2019

Setting Aside Time to Have Sex can Make for Better Long-Term Relationships


In long-term relationships, a lot of us become guilty about letting our sex lives calm down. Bed death is a real thing! If you’re not having the best sex life in your current relationship, as boring and/or traditional as it may be, setting aside the time to have sex works.


Let’s face it – we all get busy. We can invest a lot of effort into our work, just as we do in our education, cultivating relationships with friends, keeping in touch with family, taking care of our children, and so much else. Although the ‘romance’ doesn’t die in every relationship, in some, it’s understandable that it would fade a little. It’s not because we don’t value the relationship or because we’re not attracted to our partners that we sometimes put sex on the backburner. Notwithstanding, it happens.


When you decide on a date and time to dedicate towards sex, that’s how you make it a priority. With a partner values you as much as you value them and who wants to make sex work for all parties involved, setting aside the time is an investment. It says to you and your partner that an effort needs to be made here to be romantic, be sexy, and get back into exploring your sexual interests. And, for the record, you don’t need to have this massively adventurous sex life to get satisfaction. You also don’t need to be having sex 24/7 to be a passionate sexual person, either. Ultimately, it’s about finding what works for your relationship, and you and your partner. Oftentimes, that will involve setting aside the time to find what works.


When you’re committing to ‘sex time’, you and your partner need to commit to pushing everything else out of your minds. Whether it’s work, children, or financial pressures, you need to set it all aside and focus strictly on pleasure. And, maybe things don’t take off the way you expected. If that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with that. Throwing in an official date night or scheduling a weekend getaway may help rekindle some of that sexual chemistry. A big thing is should you run into a sexual problem with your partner, be considerate and open about it. A sexual problem may, in fact, relate to something else that’s going on in the relationship. Communication is a big thing. You or your partner may feel misunderstood, uninterested in, unattractive, or there may be unresolved issues.


Rekindling sexual chemistry can be troublesome because it really does take work. It’s not always as easy as thinking, “Ok, now we’re going to have sex!” You may need to think about what you want sexually and your partner may need to do the same. Needless to say, sex is a vulnerable activity for all parties. It can take some reacquainting to get to the point where everyone’s comfortable. One needs to be ok with what they discover.


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