Laser Etched Micro-Breathe Latex Enclosure Hood

SKU #Laser

If you love latex total enclosure hoods this one is a must have item for your collection. Offering a snug fit and a comfortable wear this hood is sure to attract attention with its amazing patterned laser etching!

This latex hood is designed to fit the face perfectly. The laser-cut micro holes (located around the mouth, nose and eyes) allow for easy breathing and good visibility, while from a few feet away, appearing as though there are no openings at all!

Experience what appears to be total latex enclosure and mystify those surrounding you. 


These measurements are taken around the head at the widest point across the forehead, normally the eyebrows.

                                          Head Size                        Mask width at Neck
Medium Fits:           21"/53.5cm - 22"/56cm                   15"/38cm
Large Fits:               22"/56cm - 23"/58.5cm                   16"/40.5cm
Extra Large Fits:     24"/61cm - 25"/63.5cm                   18"/46cm

If these sizes do not meet your measurements you can send us an email.

These measurements are approximate and can vary slightly. Exercise caution when putting on your new latex garments. Don't hesitate to email us with any questions. We are more than happy to help find the right latex hood for you!

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