Latex Pencil Skirt

SKU #185

Get ready for a night on the town in this classic latex pencil skirt. Designed to hug your skin and show off your sexy figure, drive them wild with this classical take on a kinky outfit. Whether your looking to complete your collection or jump start your sex life this latex pencil skirt is the ideal gift of that special loved one. These measurements are approximate and can vary slightly. These are unstretched measurements. Please remember latex will stretch roughly 10-15%. Latex clothing is designed to fit like a second skin. Try selecting a size that is an inch or two smaller than your actual size for that tight fit feel. Ultimately, however, it is a matter of personal preference. Get yours today in the right color classical black or sexy red.


Size, Waist, Hips (Sizes are approximate and can vary slightly)

Small, 22 inches/56 cm, 33 inches/84 cm

Medium, 26 inches/66 cm, 36 inches/91 cm

Large, 30 inches/76 cm, 42 inches/107 cm

Extra Large, 34 inches/86 cm, 44 inches/112 cm

These latex skirts are made from 100% natural latex. Manufactured in the UK from top quality pure latex, they are some of the world's finest quality dip moulded latex products. Ever wished that putting on your latex could be as easy as pulling on a spandex bodysuit or lycra leggings? Chlorinating your latex will make that wish come true! Click here to learn all about the benefits of chlorination.

Don't hesitate to email us with any questions. We are more than happy to help find the right latex fit for you!

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