Micro-Breathe Latex Zentai Enclosure Hood (Without or with zip)



This latex hood is constructed to fit perfectly to your face. While appearing to have no openings at all, thus offering the illusion of total enclosure, a series of laser-cut micro holes surround the nose, mouth and eyes allowing for easy breathing and visiblity. 

On the hoods with zip, the zip is at the back of the hood.

Talking and breathing will not be obstructed while wearing this latex hood, but amaze others as they wonder how you are experiencing total latex enclosure. 

 If you love latex total enclosure hoods this one is a must have item for your collection. Offering a snug fit and a comfortable wear, this hood is sure to attract attention.


PLEASE NOTE: These masks come with black trim not red as shown.

These measurements are taken around the head at the widest point across the forehead, normally the eyebrows.

                                           Head Size                         Mask width at Neck      
Medium Fits:            21"/53.5cm - 22"/56cm                   15"/38cm
Large Fits:                22"/56cm - 23"/58.5cm                   16"/40.5cm
Extra Large Fits:      24"/61cm - 25"/63.5cm                   18"/46cm

If these sizes do not meet your measurements you can send us an email.

These measurements are approximate and can vary slightly. Exercise caution when putting on your new latex garments. Don't hesitate to email us with any questions. We are more than happy to help find the right latex hood for you!

Choosing a Size

Sizing measurements are approximate and can vary slightly.
Please remember that latex will stretch roughly 10-15% & all measurements are based on an unstretched garment. Latex clothing is designed to fit like a second skin, so try selecting a size that is an inch or two smaller than your actual size for that tight fit feel. Ultimately, however, it is a matter of personal preference. Exercise caution when putting on your new latex garments. Talcum powder or lube can help you to get on the more difficult items.

About Chlorination

Ever wished that putting on your latex could be as easy as pulling on a spandex bodysuit or lycra leggings? Chlorinating your latex wil make that wish come true.

What chlorinating your latex will mean for you:

  • Spend more time looking fabulous and less time fiddling with dressing aids! Your latex won't stick to you when you put it on. You can slide it right on with no powder or lubricant. Fast and easy. No mess.
  • Your latex won't stick to other latex. No more sticking between your thighs when you walk in latex tights!
  • Wear street clothing over your latex with ease.
  • Layer your latex clothing easily.
  • Your latex won't stick to your play partner. Your significant other will experience the most amazing, silky smooth caresses from your latex gloves. Foot massages feel amazing through latex stockings!

If this sounds good to you, select the chlorination option above.

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