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Read some of the Worst Sex Advice We’ve Ever Heard!

April 12, 2019

  Bad sex advice is a sort of rite of passage – we all receive it and we’ve probably all given it unknowingly at one time or another. At best, bad sex advice is completely inaccurate and at worst, it can be quite dangerous. Hopefully, a lot of the...

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What Can I Do if my Husband is Terrible in Bed, Please Help!

April 01, 2019

  ‘My husband is terrible in bed.’ ‘I don’t know how to tell him but he’s got no passion in his sex game.’ ‘He won’t let me buy a vibrator to use during sex.’ ‘My partner’s great in every way except he’s crap in bed!’   Couples run into these type...

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Top 7 Sex Trends of 2019 and What to Expect When You’re Beginning a New Sexual Relationship

March 23, 2019

With each year that passes, we like to think society becomes a little more advanced in their knowledge of sex and their sexual appetite. No matter your sexual background or what you like, curious couples routinely find themselves on the verge of d...

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