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Incorporating High Tech into Sex Toys and why Consumers are Split on whether this is a Good Thing

June 16, 2019

 Technology’s a funny thing. For all its accomplishing and all the different categories of products and/or services, it’s affecting, sex toys usually don’t come up. That said, sex and technology are growing increasingly integrated and some would s...

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Why do TV and Netflix have such a Complicated Relationship with Sex

June 09, 2019

  TV, Netflix, and serial-based content has had a complicated relationship with sex. Some content chooses to focus on certain aspects of sexuality while other programs will wash away categories of sexual representation completely   Simply put, sex...

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Millennial Women are Having Twice as much Sex as Older Generations Did, says Study

May 27, 2019

  Yes, millennial women are having twice as much sex as older generations did however here’s some bad news – they’re also having half as many orgasms.   A recent survey conducted by Lovehoney confirmed this, finding that 39 percent of women betwee...

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