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How Sex Toy Companies are Confronting Society’s Taboos and why that’s a good thing!

February 17, 2019

  Up until a decade ago, the sex toy industry has been one dominated by male-led companies making million. In the last few years, that’s begun to change in a big way. Women-led companies are making more sex toys than ever and that female influence...

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Can sex toys strengthen your vagina, well, the answer's a little complicated

February 04, 2019

As we age, so do our vaginas. Women routinely may experience decreased muscle tone in these areas or reduced strength in the muscles that support our bladder, anus, and uterus. The most common recommendation for strengthening these muscles is to p...

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7 sex myths men and women need to forget and let go of in 2019

February 01, 2019

  As a sex toy company, we’ve run into our fair share of sex myths. As we set out on another year, here are 7 sex myths we want to see society let go off and toss out.   Guys have higher sex drives than women   There’s still this belief among some...

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